About Shawn Keys

Shawn Keys is a talented Music Producer, Professional Pianist and Accompanist, Studio Engineer, Composer & DJ currently residing in New York City. His eclectic musical influences, performance and composing abilities, include the alternative, urban, classical, pop, jazz, gospel, country, new age & electronica/ intelligent dance genres. Shawn also moves adeptly and competently from the production & engineering scenes to center stage, can be booked as a music director and accompanying pianist for live bands, and, he also is able to keep crowds moving when functioning as a DJ for special events.

Shawn is renowned for his very distinctive production sound and style, within his composition and sound design; from his unique usage of the diminished chord, cutting snare and deep moving bass, to his signature kick & pulse technique where applicable.

Shawn is a cohesive and solid singer’s coach, and can be consulted with regards to professional vocal coaching, studio technique, songwriting, and arranging, in order to realize a fully rounded and developed artist and product.  From emerging digital media, to brand initiatives, Shawn remains on the tech-savvy and forward thinking edge of music industry awareness, and under his own umbrella production company, Just Awesome Music, he is able to offer full artist development services, in collaboration with his team of industry experts and references.


Shawn has worked with luminaries such as Isaac Hayes, Erykah Badu, Donnie Klang (Making the Band),  Alex Bungion, Cyrus Chestnut, Zhane, Mary Wilson, Tramaine Hawkins, Jade de LaFleur, just to name a few.  His work has been featured on several albums including composition & sound design in “Apartment 309″ featuring Ice-T (Law & Order)